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Premium Almond, Badam
(Jumbo Size)

  • 100% genuine and finest quality100% genuine and finest quality of assorted dry fruits and nuts.
  • A healthy substitute to conventional snackingA healthy substitute to conventional snacking.
  • Our super food is freshly packed and delivered.Our super food is freshly packed and delivered.
  • Rich in vitamin, protein, iron and other essential nutrients.Rich in vitamin, protein, iron and other essential nutrients.
  • Delivery in 5-7 days.Delivery in 5-7 days.
Almonds have been a pivotal part of human beings for centuries from civilizations from around the world. Originated from Central and Western Asia, Almonds are technically not nuts but seeds of the almond fruit that is also called a “drupe”. At present, you can buy premium almonds online from its 30 different varieties and enjoy its nutritional values, crunchiness, and sweetness. Badaam has been a desirable sweet almonds nut since the day they were discovered, and it is still one of the most popular and healthiest foods we have on the planet. Now you can order the best quality jumbo size almond from the Indias favorite dried fruit store, Arkveda. You can stock your kitchen with our highly nutritious and flavorsome badams online for a healthier lifestyle. Our almonds are loaded with fiber, protein, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Just a fistful of badams a day of Arkveda can make a valuable difference in your daily nutritional requirements. Our premium quality almonds are packed with perfection to retain real taste, texture, and freshness, ensuring premium quality almonds in your fist. Right from the dry fruits we pick, to quality and stringent safety audits, to improvement, quality has always been our priority. Expect a little more every time you order almonds online at Arkveda.

Know The Health Benefits While You Shop Almonds (Badaam) Online

Almond is not only an impeccable food to eat but also an enormous nutritional punch. Let us find out its health benefits -

  • Almond helps in reducing the reactionary rise in glucose and insulin levels.
  • Almonds tend to curb your appetite, which means that you can control what you intake, which helps in regulating your weight.
  • Almonds are known for good fat, thus helps in keeping the hair and skin glow.
  • Badaam helps in preventing the gallstones by keeping your gallbladder and liver running smoothly.
  • Reduce blood pressure and regulate to maintain blood flow.

Nutrition facts as per 100gm

  • Calories 579
  • Total Fat -50g
  • Saturated Fat -3.8g
  • Sodium -1mg
  • Total Carbohydrate- 22g
  • Dietary Fiber- 13g
  • Sugar- 4.4g
  • Protein- 21g
  • Vitamin D -0.00mcg
  • Calcium- 269.00mg
  • Iron -3.71mg
  • Potassium -733mg

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