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Premium Irani Dried Apricot, Khubani
(Naturally Dried and Seedless)

  • 100% genuine and finest quality100% genuine and finest quality of assorted dry fruits and nuts.
  • A healthy substitute to conventional snackingA healthy substitute to conventional snacking.
  • Our super food is freshly packed and delivered.Our super food is freshly packed and delivered.
  • Rich in vitamin, protein, iron and other essential nutrients.Rich in vitamin, protein, iron and other essential nutrients.
  • Delivery in 5-7 days.Delivery in 5-7 days.

The sweet smell of apricots tells us summer has arrived in the country but its history says something else. It is believed that the origin of the apricot is disputed as it is still unconfirmed where it was born. But they are one of the best-kept secrets in the world of nutritious fruits. They are cultivated throughout the temperate regions especially in the Mediterranean. Just buy dried apricot online in India from Arkveda and bring home an excellent source of iron, a good source of vitamin A and are high in natural sugar content. They are eaten fresh and are preserved by drying or canning. If you are planning to order the best quality dried apricots online, then look no other brand than Arkveda. We offer a premium range of khubani that is incredibly good for your health, and they pack a lot of benefits, as well. We are a quality assured Indian apricot brand, and you don't have to worry. The premium Irani dried apricot is tested by a team of quality controllers to give you a real authentic taste. With our fastest delivery, our customers don't need to go to the market and shop anymore, only order online.

Know The Health Benefits While You Shop Apricot Online In India

Apricot comes with a sweet taste and surprising natural flavor. But most of you might not know its exceptional benefits -

  • It prevents night blindness.
  • It protects against UV damage and environmental pollutants by neutralizing free radicals.
  • It boosts your digestive health.
  • It reduces the high blood pressure rate and risk of stroke.
  • It prevents liver damage because of its naturally high antioxidant content.

Nutrition facts as per 100gm

  • Calories -48
  • Total Fat -0.4g
  • Sodium -1mg
  • Total Carbohydrate -11g
  • Dietary Fiber- 2g
  • Sugar -9.2g
  • Protein -1.4g
  • Vitamin D -0.00mcg
  • Calcium -13.00mg
  • Iron- 0.39mg
  • Potassium -259mg

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