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Premium Irani Pistachio, Pista

  • 100% genuine and finest quality100% genuine and finest quality of assorted dry fruits and nuts.
  • A healthy substitute to conventional snackingA healthy substitute to conventional snacking.
  • Our super food is freshly packed and delivered.Our super food is freshly packed and delivered.
  • Rich in vitamin, protein, iron and other essential nutrients.Rich in vitamin, protein, iron and other essential nutrients.
  • Delivery in 5-7 days.Delivery in 5-7 days.

Recognized by the names “pistha pappu’ or ‘pista’, “Pistachios” have a long interesting history. These are very impressive in terms of what they can do for your health and certainly make people buy pistachios online. Being one of the desired delicacies of the Middle-East & the Western Asian homes, roasted and salted pista has their special place and is known to treat your taste buds for a snacking sensation. However, you will be amazed to know that this superfood is technically not a nut, but a fruit. Arkveda as one of the best pistachio brands in India brings nutritionally wholesome and delicious premium Irani pista for its customers. We endeavor to maintain guaranteed quality and great taste throughout the year so that you always come to us to buy your favorite dry fruits online. Our handpicked premium pistachio can be purchased in 250g, 500g, and 1 kg at the best possible prices. Our every product passes the stringent quality tests and procedures which makes it the best to use anytime you want to. So whenever you plan to order the best pista online, make sure you visit Arkveda.

Eating pista regularly will reduce the risk of weight loss and since pistachios have more antioxidants than most of the other nuts and seeds to add them to our daily diet is definitely a plus. We bring the best quality pista imported from Iran to deliver you good taste and perfect health.

Know The Health Benefits While You Buy Pistachios Online

Pistachio nuts are not only scrumptious and fun to eat but also super healthy. Find out its possible health benefits -

  • Pistachios are beneficial for inflammation markers, obesity, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.
  • Pistas are a great source of the amino acid L-arginine and promote blood vessel health.
  • Consumption of these regularly reduces the risk of developing digestive disorders, cancer, and heart disease
  • Pistachios can help you manage your weight since they’re a satisfying snack and nutritious too.
  • They can lower your chances of developing cardiovascular disease.

Nutrition facts per 100gm

  • Calories-560
  • Total Fat -45g
  • Saturated Fat- 5.9g
  • Sodium -1mg
  • Total Carbohydrate -27g
  • Dietary Fiber -11g
  • Sugar- 7.7g
  • Protein -20g
  • Vitamin D -0.00mcg
  • Calcium -105.00mg
  • Iron -3.92mg
  • Potassium -1025mg

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